Colonization and the Wampanoag Story

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ISBN-13: 9780593480441
: The Indigenous American Story
Linda Coombs
September 12, 2023
Hardcover Reinforced Library Binding  
| 272 pages

Juvenile Nonfiction / History / United States / Colonial & Revolutionary Periods  / People & Places / United States / Native American / Social Topics / Prejudice & Racism

Until now, you've only heard one side of the story: the "discovery" of America told by Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the Colonists. Here's the true story of America from the Indigenous perspective.

When you think about the beginning of the American story, what comes to mind? Three ships in 1492, or perhaps buckled hats and shoes stepping off of the Mayflower, ready to start a new country. But the truth is, Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, and the Colonists didn't arrive to a vast, empty land ready to be developed. They arrived to find people and communities living in harmony with the land they had inhabited for thousands of years, and they quickly disrupted everything they saw.

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